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About Us

Coronation Seed Cleaning Co-op Ltd. has three employees and 300 shareholders. We are a public coop and the farmers make up the shareholders. established in 1964, we moved into our current location in 1996 in Coronation, Alberta.

We are a unique company as we are the only one in our territory. We provide all the services needed for a variety of seed cleaning. We can do anything the customers need to clean their product.

We provide the best service we can as we value our customers who entrust their products to us.

Coronation Seed Cleaning Co-op Ltd. has upgraded to the best equipment that you can get and we keep updating our equipment every year to ensure we have the most modern equipment on site.

We provide all the cleaning services our customers need. Customers come to us because they need seeds treated, cleaned, processed. We take pride in our work and ensure we handle our customers seeds with care. Our customers know when they leave their seed with us, they will get the best product back . We provide good service – quick and reliable.